Albert Baker (GroningenRotterdam1879 - 1920), better known as Albert Ball, was a popular humorist, entertained and couplet singer from the beginning of the 20th century.


Albert Baker was discovered by Henri ter Hall and played in the first revues of Ter Hall. There, he performed under the name Albert Baker, lead singer of topical songs and for carrier of comic monologues referred to. In addition, he had a private company that carried the name Albert Bol's Ensemble. Bol made his debut In 1908 as Dutch couplet singer and humorist in SCALA in the Hague.

In 1913 and 1914 he played the role of Josias Jefferson in the operetta The farmers girl (Das Farmermädchen) by the Hungarian composer Georg Jarno to a libretto by Georg Okonkowsky. He also worked these years participated in programmes of the Small scene of Jacobus Hendrikus Speenhoff. Along with the Jewish humorist Louis Contran (Louis Vleeschdrager) enters in the revue bulb in 1916 and 1917 on me but you Had.Contran not only wrote texts for Bol, but also Louis Davids and Tony Schmitz. He also made some time part of Vleugel's cabaret specialties company. One of his most famous creations was the figure Hannes, a peasant talking all kinds of current events so that on Groningen his comment had, from whom many comic speeches on the record were recorded. Bol played mainly in the Circus-Theater.

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