Alex Harvey (Glasgow5 February 1935 - Zeebrugge (Belgium), 4 February 1982) was a Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist. In 1972, he founded the Sensational Alex Harvey Band on.


Alex Harvey was born in the Gorbals in Glasgow, a district where many poverty prevailed. At fifteen he went from school to work. [1he performed in 1954 for the first time on trumpeter , as at a wedding. At the age of twenty, he played in a skiffle band, which developed from 1955 to 1959 developed into the Alex Harvey Big Soul Band.Harvey cared with this band for programmes for, among others, Eddie CochranGene Vincent and Little Richard.

In the 1960s left Harvey with the band to Hamburg, where he recorded his first record. This rock and rollplaat, with the title Alex Harvey and His Soul Band, was recorded in the autumn of 1963. Contrary to what the title might suggest, is on this album the band not to hear. Harvey was accompanied by the Liverpool-based Group The Dominoes, the band King size Taylor. [2]

After moving to London, appeared in February 1964 the solo album The Blues. To do this, he collaborated with his brother, Leslie Harvey. [3In 1965 the band apart and two years later founded Harvey the psychedelic-rock band Giant Moth on. "Maybe Someday" after two singles flopped, and "Midnight Moses", both published by Decca Records, also this project came to an end. [3]

Harvey played in 1969 in the resident orchestra of the musical Hair. In the same year appeared the album Roman Wall Blues, with a cover of "Jumping Jack Flash" and theHair-song "Donna". In 1972 he joined the progressive rock band Tear Gas, which at the time consisted of guitarist Will Cleminson, keyboardist, percussionist Hugh McKenna Ted McKenna and bassist Chris Glenn. This band was soon renamed The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (also called S) and the musical focus shifted to glam rock. [4In the ensuing years developed Harvey for a alter ego on stage, called Vaidya, which also acted as a subject of some S-songs. So sings Harvey in 1975 in the song about his actions as "Vaidya Vaidya: comin' to the rescue. Vaidya Vaidya, Hey save child ".

Between 1972 and ' 77 brought Harvey with his group eight albums, including one live album. In the early S with Slade toured by Britain. A year after its creation, in 1973, the band was a guest on The Old Grey Whistle Test, a music programme of the BBC. [5The British writer Michael Heatley described their music as 'theatrical hard rock'. [5the album The Impossible Dream in 1974 formed the commercial break-through of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. The success, however, could not prevent the group there about 1978 with it stopped. In 1977 took S without an album, called Harvey Fourplay, while Harvey released an album with interviews about the Loch Ness monster. After Rock Drill together in 1978 to have recorded, the band finally broke up. Chris Glenn and the brothers McKenna in the 1990s would to Deep Purplesinger Ian GillanGuide. Harvey formed a new band: The New Band, with whom he in 1979 The Mafia Stole My Guitar was released.

Harvey collapsed In 1982 during a performance in the Belgian Zeebrugge in. He died at the age of forty-seven. Shortly after his death, his last album: Soldier on the Wall. The last recordings for this album took place in January 1982 place. [6]


Alex Harvey
Year Title Record label
1963 Alex Harvey and His Soul Band Polydor
1964 The Blues Polydor
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Year Title Record label
1972 Framed Vertigo
1973 Next ... same
1974 The Impossible Dream same
1975 Tomorrow Belongs to Me same
1975 Live same
1976 SAHB Stories Mountain Records
1976 The Penthouse Tapes Vertigo
1978 Rock Drill Mountain Records
Alex Harvey and The New Band
Year Title Record label
1979 The Mafia Stole My Guitar Edsel Rec.
Alex Harvey
Year Title Record label
1982 Soldier on the Wall  ?

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