File:Alice5 200.jpg
File:"Alice" - Avril Lavigne

Alice opens with Lavigne following a white rabbit into a forest and shetrips and falls into a hole near a large tree. Her fall is intercut with shots of Alice (from Burton's film) colliding with objects, including a piano. When Lavigne opens her eyes, she is lying at the bottom of a deep hole and dressed in a black gotic corset dress and stockings imprinted with playing card suits.

When Lavigne climbs out of the hole, she finds herself in Wonderland as she runs through the forest. She arrives at a tea party, and the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) stands, welcoming her with open arms. The scene is edited with footage of the Mad Hatter from Burton's film. As Lavigne sinks into a chair singing, her lyrical "echo" is visually emphasized with her face quickly dissolving in and out. As the verse ends, Lavigne stands and runs away from the scene and arrives at a piano surrounded by giant mushrooms. The video cuts between shots of Lavigne playing the instrument and singing, eventually showing Lavigne running through a misty copse of thin trees. Various scenes from the film are shown in succession, before Lavigne is reintroduced running toward an opening in the forest. As she exits the forest, she is dressed in her normal clothing.

The video was partly filmed at the Los Angeles Arboretum and footage from Burton's Alice in Wonderland was edited prominently into the video.

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