Artist: Northern State

Date Released: August 17, 2004

Label: Sony

Produced By: Northern State, Manifest


  1. Ignite
  2. Girl for All Seasons (produced by Muggs)
  3. Nice With It
  4. Last Night
  5. Think Twice feat. The High and Mighty
  6. Don't Look Down
  7. Siren Song (produced by ?uestlove)
  8. Stlye I Bring (produced by Muggs)
  9. Time to Rhyme (produced by Pete Rock)
  10. Speaking for Me
  11. Summer Never Ends feat. Har Mar Superstar


It’s the return of Northern State, the all girl hip-hop tri-force that is only rivaled by the Beastie Boys for white power. The New York-based rap trio is Julie "Hesta Prynn" Potash, Correne "Guinea Love" Spero, and Robyn "DJ Sprout" Goodmark, three college graduates whose love for rap overshadowed their love for… well anything else. First appearing on the scene in 2001, the girls have made quite a following over the years, and not only have they signed to Sony, but ?uestlove, Pete Rock and Har Mar Superstar (the white equivalent to Prince) make guest appearances on their latest disc (and also provide the best tracks). The beats are amazing, the production is spotless and the rhymes are… well actually pretty damn good, though it’s hard, at least for me, to relate to some of them. One part De La Soul, one part Grand Puba, one part Queen Latifah, one part Liz Phair, and all the rest Beastie Boys, Northern State is all fun. Michael Ardaiolo