Artist: Shonen Knife

Album: All I Want For Christmas single; Millennium Collection

Appears On (Mixes): Most Folks Call Them Green Onions, But They're Really Scallions

Song Notes: Shonen Knife has had a few Christmas singles as well, and this is from their most recent, and this track got compiled on the Japanese-only English-Language (figure that one out…) Best-Of Millennium Collection. This is written by Naoko Yamano with Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth. Tell you the truth, I've always found Sonic Youth to be a band that's much better on paper than in practice, but this is an awesome song. (Oddly enough, I've also liked their previous collaboration, "Butterfly Boy" from Rock Animals a whole lot, too. Perhaps Sonic Youth just needs to hang out with Shonen Knife more often.) Anyway, this is just a nice, happy Christmas song. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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