All Out Sounds is a record label located in the United States.

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When you think Palm Springs , think Lil Mickey an artist striving to represnt Palm Springs and all its glory and make it recognized by the music industry. Not just another MC demanding recognition without back up, Mickey is an educated well known respected hustler and has came this far threw his hard work. On January 26th 1987 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Lil Mickey now 22 was born to achieve great things. Being inspired by music at an early age artist such as; 2Pac,The Natorious B.I.G. Eazy E, Mr shadow, Lil Rob, C-murder and Eminem were insperations. Theres a difference though, being inspired and determined, but Lil Mickey was and still is both. In 2003 his determination got him to release his first of so far seven mixtapes, being titled "LIL TRU BOY". The success of this led him to establish his own recording studio in 2004. Thus constantly droping mixtapes every year, "NO MORE TO SAY"(2005), "DONT TALK ABOUT IT... BE ABOUT IT" (2006), "THE DESERT HEAT" (2007), "LEATHEL WEAPONS" (2007), "EVERYMAN FOR HIMSELF" (2008), and "STRAIGHT OUT OF PALMAS (PALM SPRINGS)" (2009). Sucess doesnt come easy though, Lil Mickey has worked to earn the respect of the Palm Springs streets, and raps of struggle and experiance. As an artist he has worked to understand music in everyway,and in 2007 graduated from Musicians Institute,Music Business program. He has even founded his own record label "All OUT SOUNDS". No question about it Lil Mickey has earned respect from the streets of Palm Springs. Its time for an epidemic and to show people the desert heat. Lil Mickey will be the one to do it. Through hard work and his love for music, Lil Mickey represent Palm Springs, and what a real MC should

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