{{Infobox artist | Name = All Shall Perish | Img = | Img_capt = | Img_size = | Alias = | Origin = Oakland, California, USA | Genre = Heavy metal
Death metal
[[Deathcor | Years_active = 2000 - | Label = Amputated Vein
[[Nuclear Blas | Associated_acts = [[Gunmetal Gre | Influences = | URL = | Current_members = Hernan "Eddie" Hermida
Ben Orum
Mike Tiner
Chris Storey
Matt Kuykendall | Past_members = Craig Betit
Caysen Russo }}

All Shall Perish is a five piece melodic hardcore death metal (or [[deathcor) band that started in 2000 in Oakland, California. They recorded their self titled [[All Shall Perish (EP)|3 track dem before they were picked up by Japanese label, Amputated Vein Records. On that label they recorded their first release; "[[Hate, Malice, Reveng", in 2003 (which was re-released in 2005). This record blew away the metal and [[hardcor scene with piercing vocals, brutal breakdowns, and technical guitar work. Successful tours with the likes of [[Six Feet Unde, [[As I Lay Dyin, Bleeding Through, [Diecas and [[Death Before Dishono.


Guitarist Caysen Russo and vocalist Craig Betit only appear on the band's first studio album, they were both replaced, respectively, with Chris Storey and Hernan "Eddie" Hermida (originally from [[Gunmetal Gre) by the time of their second release.

In 2006 they released [[The Price of Existenc which was followed by The Big Booty Business tour, with such genre leaders as [[Agnostic Fron, Hate Eternal, Red Chord, Despised Icon, [[Suicide Silenc and [[The Faceles followed. After the tour they went back to writing their third full length release.

Awaken the DreamersEdit

[[Awaken the Dreamer was produced and mixed by Zach Ohren. It was realised on September 16, 2008.



  • [[Hate, Malice, Reveng
  • [[The Price of Existenc
  • [[Awaken the Dreamer



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