All The Best!
Compilation album by Paul McCartney
Released 2 November 1987
Recorded February 1970-Mid-1987
Genre Rock
Length 86:29
Language English
Label Parlophone EMI
Producer Paul McCartney, George Martin, Phil Ramone
Paul McCartney chronology
Press To Play (1986) All The Best! (1987) Снова в СССР (1988)

All the Best! is the second official compilation album of Paul McCartney music, after 1978's Wings Greatest, and was released in 1987. The album contains tracks from the beginning of his solo career in 1970 up to (on British and Canadian editions) the newly recorded "Once Upon A Long Ago." The track inclusion and running order varies slightly between UK and US editions of All the Best! to reflect the popularity of particular songs in each country. CD and vinyl versions of the British edition also vary, as the time constraints of a single compact disc versus a double-vinyl album led to the elimination of three cuts on the British CD edition.

Released just as McCartney was beginning work on his next major studio album, All the Best! was a big success, reaching number 2 in the UK (being kept off number one by George Michael's debut solo album Faith) and although it peaked at number 62 in the US, it eventually went double platinum there.

Album cover

Track listingEdit

UK/Canadian listingEdit

  1. Jet
  2. Band On The Run
  3. Coming Up
  4. Ebony And Ivory
  5. Listen To What The Man Said
  6. No More Lonely Nights
  7. Silly Love Songs
  8. Let 'Em In
  9. C Moon
  10. Pipes Of Peace
  11. Live And Let Die
  12. Another Day
  13. Maybe I'm Amazed
  14. Goodnight Tonight
  15. Once Upon A Long Ago
  16. Say Say Say
  17. With A Little Luck
  18. My Love
  19. We All Stand Together
  20. Mull Of Kintyre

US listingEdit

  1. Band On The Run
  2. Jet
  3. Ebony And Ivory
  4. Listen To What The Man Said
  5. No More Lonely Nights
  6. Silly Love Songs
  7. Let 'Em In
  8. Say Say Say
  9. Live And Let Die
  10. Another Day
  11. C Moon
  12. Junior's Farm
  13. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
  14. Coming Up (Live At Glasgow)
  15. Goodnight Tonight
  16. With A Little Luck
  17. My Love

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