All We Have is a punk rock group from leeds. there influences include My Chemical Romance, Greenday and Fall Out Boy. They first formed in 2008 under the name of Ded-I for the school talent show with no plans on continuing in music. Then after a sucessful first show they dicided to carry on in the music industry and began to write there own music.

After months of writing music the band changed its name after introducing their bass player James Kirk who brought life to the band. They then scrapped all their previous work and began working on their first album, scheduled for release in late 2010.


Chadders- Vocals

Kyle Carver- Guitar

Baz Jackson- Drums/Vocals

James 'Cptn' Kirk- Bass


"107 Names And This Was The Best We Could Come up With"- 2010Edit

The name for All We Have's first album comes from the original 107 album name ideas they came up with. None of them seemed to fit so they named it after not being able to think of an idea.

The content of the record will be similar to artists such as Good Charlotte, Bowling For Soup, All Time Low and other pop punk bands.

Confirmed tracksEdit

  • "The Other Side Of Life"
  • "Trial Seperation"
  • "My Affliction"
  • "The Further I Walk The More I Want To Run Back To You"
  • "Criminally Sane"

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