Allen and the Cool Gang of Nowhere is a band song from the 2014 film Allen and the Cool Gang of Nowhere. It was created by the viewers of a little boy named "Allen Conley".

Songs Edit

  1. A Land of Nowhere
  2. Hungry Like A Loser
  3. Don't You Forget About Me (A verison of Simple Minds)
  4. The Reflex (A verison of Duran Duran)
  5. Late M5643 ?$ (EXTRA CONTENT)
  6. Japanase (A Japanase verison of Allen and the Cool Gang of Nowhere)
  7. The Amazing World of Gumball (A extended song for Cartoon Network]]
  8. Russian Bang-Bang
  9. Celebration (A verison of Kool & The Gang)
  10. Like A Prayer (A verison of Madonna)
  11. The Art of None
  12. What is Wrong
  13. Can You Shut Up For A Month?
  14. What's Olive Hill?

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