|250px|Alligator cover]]
Studio album by The National
Released April 12, 2005
Recorded Tarquin Studios, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Genre Indie Rock
Length 48:00
Label Beggars Banquet Records
Producer Peter Katis
The National chronology
Cherry Tree EP Alligator Boxer

Alligator is the third album by Brooklyn-based indie rock band, The National. This album was on many end of year top 10 lists. Uncut Magazine and Planet Sound had it as their No.2 album of 2005. This album was the first that brought The National real critical acclaim and led them to headline a tour, with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah opening.

Track listingEdit

  1. Secret Meeting- 3:44
  2. Karen- 3:59
  3. Lit Up- 2:55
  4. Looking for Astronauts- 3:23
  5. Daughters of the SoHo Riots- 3:59
  6. Baby, We'll Be Fine- 3:21
  7. Friend of Mine- 3:25
  8. Val Jester- 3:00
  9. All the Wine- 3:15
  10. Abel- 3:37
  11. The Geese of Beverly Roads- 4:57
  12. City Middle- 4:28
  13. Mr. November- 3:57

Bonus DiscEdit

The album was also released with a second disc (and packaged inside a slipcase):

  1. The Thrilling of Claire - 4:32
  2. Driver, Surprise Me - 3:20
  3. Lit Up (Remix) - 3:00
  4. Secret Meeting (Remix) - 3:45
  5. The Geese of Beverly Road (Live) - 4:35
  6. Abel (Enhanced Video)
  7. Lit Up (Enhanced Video)
  8. Daughters of the SoHo Riots (Enhanced Video)

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