Allout Recording and Entertainment is a record label located in the United States.

History Edit

Allout was started in 2003, by Mark “Gangsta” King A.K.A Grand Wizard Gangsta who is the son of famed Harlem record producer Paul Winley. Gangsta is one of the original pioneers of hip-hop in the late 70’s. He is noted for bringing hip-hop to the uptown area of Harlem called "Sugar Hill," mainly 164th street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Gangsta brought a lot of the original pioneers uptown. Grand Master Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, Master Don and the death committee and Kevie Kev Rockwell just to name a few. Gangsta started out as a DJ in Edgecombe Park, and moved on to doing parties throughout Harlem and the Bronx.

He spent time in the recording studio with his father and sisters, Tonya “sweet tee” Winley and Paulette “tee” Winley. They were the first female rappers recorded in 1980 on Paul Winley Records. His father's next project was recording Afrika Bammbattaa’s Soul sonic force and Cosmic force in 1981. They recorded Zulu Nation throw down and Bammbattaa’s death mix which were their first records before recording Planet Rock on Tommy Boy records.

Gangsta learned a lot about the industry in the early days, He was over at Sugar Hill records where he learned his way around the studio. Sylvia Robinson had the studio engineers show gangsta how to use the mixing consoles and tape decks and how to work on production. Over at Enjoy records Mr. Bobby Robinson who is also a good friend of his father, showed him some of the business aspects of music.

So with all that and the guidance of Paul Winley, Gangsta set out to build a powerhouse independent record label called Allout Recording & Entertainment. This gives artistic control to the label’s artist so they can grow and develop in an industry that is hard to survive in and very completive. Their primary objective is to bring good music to the world while enjoying doing it.

Bands/Artists under the label Edit

Da Common CAuze, Gunz & Glammour , Mista Detrimental . Grown-N-Sexy, B.A.D. ,Girl Guta, Hollywood,

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