Founded: 1997

Headquarters: started in Bowling Green, OH

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Band MembersEdit

  • [[Tony Cavallari
  • [[Matthew Gengle
  • [[Cale Park
  • Eric Koltnow
  • [[T.J. Lippl (joined 2003)

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Band BiographyEdit

Aloha’s penchant for steering their sound in between an unlikely combination of genres has both garnished critical attention as well as the unwanted residue of precariousness. Infusing elements post-rock, jazz, anthemic [[prog-rock|pro, indie-pop and fusion, the experimental rock quartet signed to Polyvinyl Records solely based on their demo tape in the late 90s. A series of EPs were released with moderate success before catching the ears of indie rock critics everywhere with 2000’s [[That’s Your Fire:Aloha|That's Your Fir. Anchored by the ubiquitous vibraphone of Eric Koltnow and [[Cale Park’ unrelenting post-rock drumming, Aloha’s sound, while always similar in style, has evolved with each succeeding album. Early outings found the band creating more sprawling and ethereal compositions made up of abstract pop, free jazz and [[Weather Repor inspired fusion. 2002’s [[Sugar:Aloha|Suga saw the quartet establishing a more aggressive and anthemic sound with more of a song-oriented frame of mind. Also on this album, [[Tony Cavallari’s soft-spoken vocals take on a more prominent role in the mix invoking a much more indie pop feeling with his fondness of earnest lyrics. For 2004’s [[Here Comes Everyone:Aloha|Here Comes Everyon, along with addition of percussionist [[T.J. Lippl, Aloha continued down their path into more traditional pop settings, letting the sprawling free jazz improvisations completely take a back seat to the [[singer/songwrite tendencies of [[Tony Cavallario|Cavallari. The music is by no means less potent, just more structured and focused than previously, and to much acclaim. Aloha’s latest outing, [[Some Echoes:Aloha|Some Echoe, is due out in mid-April.



  • [[That's Your Fire:Aloha|That's Your Fir 2000 (Polyvinyl)
  • [[Sugar:Aloha|Suga 2002 (Polyvinyl)
  • [[Here Comes Everyone:Aloha|Here Comes Everyon 2004 (Polyvinyl)
  • [[Some Echoes:Aloha|Some Echoe 2006 (Polyvinyl)


  • [[Aloha EP:Aloha|Aloh 1999 (Polyvinyl)
  • [[Lub Bud Da:Aloha|Lub Bud D 1999 ([[Westside Audio Labratorie)
  • [[The Great Communicators, the Interpreters, the Nonbelievers:Aloha|The Great Communicators, the Interpreters, the Nonbeliever 1999 (Polyvinyl)


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