Alquin (pronounced: ' Elkwhin) was a Dutch pop group from Delft, who in the 1970s fame with progressive rock. In 2003, the band had a comeback in almost unmodified occupation. Since then, three CDs released. In 2012, the band decided to provisionally stop performances.


[hide]*1 History


70 's[Edit]Edit

Alquin was founded in 1971 as a student band. All members of the band, on bassist Hein Mars after, studied engineering at the then TH Delft, and the Group rehearsed in KSS Alcuin, the society of the students Union KSV Sanctus Virgilius in the former Saint Barbara monastery. Initially called the group Threshold Fear, and under that name was also their first single released in 1971. The band was soon offered a record deal by Polydor and modified its name to Alquin because that name international better would catch on. [1[2]

The first album by Alquin appeared in 1972, and carried the title Marks. This LP was produced by Hans van Oosterhout (Super sister). The following year brought theMountain Queen from group-produced by Derek Lawrence, among others, producer of the band Deep Purple and on on the Pinkpop festival. Of that live performance is the unknown number in 2005 A song to wake up a friend for the compilation CD VPRO Dutch pop 1968-1975 selected. On the road with the group, hammered international tours in England, Germany and France.

After The Mountain Queen and the foreign tours arose the desire for a somewhat more direct ' rock'-feel in the music. That resulted in shorter numbers and attract singer Michel van Dijk in 1974. Saxophonist and part-time singer Job Tarenskeen took the drums along with Paul Wakeling. In this composition became the third album recorded in 1975: Nobody Can Wait Forever. It was produced by Rodger Bain, known for Black SabbathBudgie and Barclay James Harvest. Paul Wakeling still played with it on most songs of the plate. From this album, the song was released as single Wheelchair Groupie , what would be the best known number of Alquin. It stood in the Top 2000 of 2010 on position 974. In muziekkrant Oor Nobody Can Wait Forever was later voted one of the best Dutch rock albums of the seventies.

In 1976 the album Best Kept Secret, on which the music some more funkin the-direction, which at that time was very fashionable. Bassist Hein March was now succeeded by Jan Visser, coming from the George Baker Selection and Dizzy man's Band. The album was produced by Vic Smith and Alquin together. Alquin brought in that year also the live album On Tour that gives a good impression of the power of the band at that time.An American tour was in the offing but was not at the last minute. The frustration about this ran so high that the band eventually held for seen. In 1977 brought record company Polydor LP still collect Crash! from.

By now it was completely turned musical climate. Progressive rock was out and punk was the new fashion. Guitarist and main composer Ferdinand Bakker and drummer Job Tarenskeen founded The Meteors , which easily accessible, new wave-like rock played. Many old Alquin-fans disappointed after just a few numbers left the room.

In 1990 brought record company Polydor Marks the plates and Mountain Queen together on one cd out. The same thing happened with Nobody Can Wait Forever and Best Kept Secret. Only the number of the last LP was Amy because of lack of space not on the cd.

In the intervening years, Alquin twice a reunion concert, given that both times recorded by Radio 3. [3]

Years ' 00/' 10[Edit]Edit

The Group made a comeback in 2003 . In that year, under the title One More Night released a dvd with footage from recent concerts, in almost unmodified occupation. Also an eponymous double cd appeared, with the same numbers. The dvd appeared In may 2004 Pinkpop The Vintage Years 1970-1974 which some songs from the occurrence of Alquin in 1973 to see.

In 2005 appeared an album with new material, Blue Planet. The second cd of the Refoundation Alquin, Sailors and Sinners, was released in september 2009. The band decided to provisionally stop in 2012 at performances.

Duo B/Vc[Edit]Edit

In 2013 and singer Michel van Dijk guitarist Hayley B. work together as a duo under the name Lone. The eponymous cd, which is also on vinyl comes out, is presented on 6 november in the farm Hall in Zoetermeer.The following are a few small-scale performances, followed by a nationwide tour in spring 2014.


The original line-up consisted of Hayley B. (guitar, piano, violin and vocals), Dick Franssen (organ, piano and Wurlitzer), Hein Mars (bass), Ronald Ottenhoff (saxophone and flute), Job Tarenskeen (vocals, saxophone, drums and percussion) and Paul Wakeling (percussion). Since 2003 exists Alquin from guitarist Hayley B., singer Michel van Dijk, flautist/saxophonist Ronald Ottenhoff, bass guitarist Walter Lah,keyboardist Dick Fang and drummer Job T.



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Marks 1972 -
Mountain queen 1973 -
Nobody can wait forever 1975 01-03-1975 17 13
Best kept secret 1976 22-05-1976 18 12
Alquin on tour 1976 20-11-1976 31 8 Live Album
Crash! -The best of Alquin 1977 - Compilation album
Two originals: Marks/Mountain queen 1990 - Compilation album
Two originals: Nobody can wait forever/Best kept secret 1990 - Compilation album
3 Originals: Nobody can wait forever/Best kept secret/Alquin on tour 1999 - Compilation album
One more night 2003 - Live album
Blue planet 2005 24-09-2005 80 2
Sailors and sinners 2009 19-09-2009 16 13
The Marks Sessions 2013 Demos/live in 1972


Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Sally Saddlepain/Ask me not 1971 - If Threshold Fear
You always can change/Hard royce 1973 -
Wheelchair groupie/Mr. Widow 1975 -
Mr. Widow/Stranger 1975 -
Fool in the mirror/Bootlegs ballet 1976 -

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Wheelchair groupie - - - - - - 890 1053 1260 1551 - 974 1181 1483 1763

Film Music[Edit]Edit

In addition, Alquin the music created at the Oronoque film (1976) by Aat de Jesus and Theo van de Sande, that a trip on the river Orinoco in Suriname follows. 

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