Artist: Supersystem

Date Released: April 12, 2005

Label: Touch & Go

Produced By: Supersystem


  1. Born into the World
  2. Everybody Sings
  3. Defcon
  4. Six Cities
  5. Click-Click
  6. Miracle
  7. The Love Story
  8. Tragedy
  9. 1977
  10. Devour Delight


Formely known as El Guapo, who released an album on Dischord, the trio's new incarnation, Supersystem, releases 'Always Never Again' on Touch & Go Luckily though, their care-free, off-the-wall party music has not changed at all. Exploring the territories of free jazz, trance, punk, pop, world and of course dance music, Supersystem is able to create a soundtrack to the quirkiest, craziest and best dressed party in all of the free land. The self-recorded album (I guess they didn’t lose the Dischord aesthetic) was guided by keyboardist extraordinaire Pete Cafarella and virtuoso guitarist Rafael Cohon. It’s definitely a fun record, and a step forward from their last full length. As Touch & Go put it, it’s “a bubbling stew that sound like equal parts Kraftwerk, Timbaland, and your favorite Ethiopiques CD.” Michael Ardaiolo