Aleksandar Gavrilovic (born October 20, 1991), better known for his stage name Alx Beatz Original, is a music producer rap, hip hop, music from Danilovgrad, Montenegro. His music is mostly related to the oldschool style.

Early lifeEdit

Gavrilovic was still in elementary school, even from his 14 years started to attract hip hop sound, was curious how is the sound over any rapping scouts, and then he started to learn how music is real and how to create beats and how it is sampled. Since then, 16 years already and informed of the great Serbian hip hop scene, hundreds of DJs hundreds of artist teaches the merits and began seriously to progress.


2010 made his first collaboration and it first with Sean Cole, aka Nutt-So from East Oakland, California, brother of the famous American singer Keyshia Cole. By this cooperation has come recommendation of his great friend Dj's from Ljubljana, Slovenia, which for many years engaged in music production in the Atlanta, Georgia. it recognized the talent and helped him to his talent and quality test himself in the first cooperation and foreign. In 2011 he began collaboration with cult group Outlawz former group 2Pac of Atlanta, Georgia on the mixtape in Outlaw Nation in 2012. 2013 starts cooperation with the group Sunshine Belgrade still has not issued release tracks on which they worked because of disagreements within the group. In the same year cooperates with Vox on the song Rap spomenar before his journey to America. Later gets contact with Germany's hip hop scene, attracted new style of creating a new sound totally different from his starts cooperation with Olexesh on his album Nu eta da. 2014 he was invited by Young Noble, Outlawz to participate again on his mixtape-u Outlaw Nation Vol. 4. Soon he released his first album, beat tape called twenty-three, which will also be special guests DJ Illegal, Snowgoons hip hop producer from Germany, and many more lesser-known names from the world map hip hop producers.



  • twenty-three-23 (2015)

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