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  • Is a Christian
  • Does not believe in evolution
  • Is a Creationist
  • Is currently 5' 7"
  • Middle name is Renae
  • First began acting/singing at age 5 in mostly church productions
  • Began playing guitar at age 13
  • Owns over 20 guitars
  • Named one of her guitars Luna
  • Is best friends with her sister Amanda Michalka
  • Is two years older then her sister
  • Looks to her sister as an example
  • Has played the role of Keely Teslow on the Disney Channel Original Series Phil Of The Future from 2004 to 2006
  • Appeared in the lead role of Allyson Miller in the Disney Channel Original Movie Now You See It...
  • Appeared in the lead role of Taylor Callum in the Disney Channel Original Movie Cow Belles, along side her sister
  • Plans to reprise her role of Taylor Callum in a possible sequel to Cow Belles, entitled Cow Belles 2: Back To The Dairy, again along side her sister Amanda Michalka




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