Amathus Music is a record label located in the United States.


Amathus Music was founded in 2002 with the concept of developing new artists and releasing high quality music throughout the ever-so-changing and fast-paced global music community. Amathus has always been known for consistently delivering quality music while setting new standards for diverse audiences.

Check out our artist section, latest releases and listen to audio samples to plug into the world of Amathus Music. With all the latest news and events, you'll be able to keep tabs on exactly what's going down and, more importantly, what's going up. Here you can find the home of some of the world's most sought-after artists such as: Ava Dayton, Collage, Darren Round, Galaxy 68, Hits Unlimited, Koul Funk, Platinum Project, South Side Crew and many more.

Bands/Artists under the label

:: 1AM
:: 2 DJ'S On A Mission
:: AC Project
:: Ava Dayton
:: Brooklyn Queens
:: Chance
:: Christian Giorgio
:: Collage
:: CP Project
:: Cynthia Taylor
:: Cyprus Pres. MJN
:: D-System
:: Damian Wild
:: Darook MC
:: Darren Round
:: Diamond Boy Luis
:: Dima Jeys
:: Dirt Brothers
:: DJ Themi
:: DJ Zizo
:: DJG Project
:: Electrik Pulse
:: Eyra Gail
:: Freakshow
:: G-Band
:: Galaxy 68
:: Generator
:: Greco Roman
:: Groove Division
:: Guideline
:: Hits Unlimited
:: Jeff Hanc
:: Jimi La Lumia
:: Kamarova
:: Kelita
:: Kelly Wills
:: Keven Maroda
:: Koul Funk
:: L-A X
:: Lauren Marie
:: Laylah
:: Linda O
:: Lost Route
:: MacGuyver vs Myers
:: Margot
:: Matheos
:: Matheos vs Chris Greek
:: Mighty Mike
:: Mike “Thunder” Pennino
:: MTP
:: Munroe
:: O-Display
:: Omega III
:: Orchestral Emotions
:: Order Of Sound
:: PK Project
:: Platinum Project
:: Power 2 Move
:: Raquela
:: Re-Deux
:: RTS
:: Secaucus Junction
:: Seraphim 3
:: Sharon T
:: Side-Step
:: Sons Of Liberty
:: South Side Crew
:: Space Nuggets
:: Stefanie
:: TBM
:: The Daft Scholar
:: Trinity Maxx
:: Twisted Dee
:: Uriel
:: X7

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