Artist: Los Mocosos

Date Released: June 29, 2004

Label: Six Degrees

Produced By:


  1. Bandolera Era
  2. Hey Mama
  3. Vete/El Largo Adios
  4. I'm Your Puppet
  5. Amigos y Amantes
  6. Genius
  7. Señor Presidente
  8. In the House
  9. Volvieron
  10. The Beast
  11. Bacalao
  12. Blind Faith


Named after El Mariachi’s character El Moco, Los Mocosos are a latin band that apparently would rather be a band in any other genre. Not falling too far from the Ozomalti tree, the San Francisco boys turn out an array of Latin songs that are influenced by any number of genres including, but not limited to, ska, Afro-Cuban, urban hip-hop, jazz-funk, etc. The vocals jump from Spanish to English with every other song, some using both, and even get a bit political on occasion. I’m not sure how many Mocosos there actually are, since every picture of them has a different number of members, but I can imagine that they have a full tour bus. This is a decent and fun disc, but don't expect anything challenging or new.

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