File:Amishparadise2 200.jpg
File:"Amish Paradise" - "Weird" Al Yankovic

Amish Paradise parodies "Gangsta's Paradise" music video with Yankovic dressed in Amish garb and has a beard and features Florence Henderson in the role originally portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer. The video shows many aspects of regular Amish life, such as raising a barn. In reference to L.V.'s performance in Coolio's video, a close on Al's face is seen, with him sweating more every time the scene is shown. When Yankovic states he's "scoring points for the afterlife," he takes off his hat to reveal a hairstyle very similar to that seen on the cover of Bad Hair Day. These are both parodies of Coolio's trademark hairstyle. Near the very end, Yankovic is shown walking away from a barn while everything around him moves backwards in a rewinding fashion; for this effect, the scene was recorded normally while Weird Al lip syncs the words backwards.

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