Andrew Dewey Kirk (Newport28 may 1898 - New York11 december 1992) was an American jazz-saxophonisttubaplayer and big bandleader from the swingera. He is known as a leader of the Twelve Clouds of Joy.

Kirk grew up in Denver, where he was taught by the father of Paul WhitemanWilberforce Whiteman. He began his musical career as tuba player bassaxofonist andGeorge Morrison's band. He then became a member of Terrence Holders Dark Clouds of Joy. In 1929 he was, after the departure of Holder, the new leader of this group. The band was renamed Twelve Clouds of Joy and played thereafter in a ballroom in Kansas. That year, for the first time, the company also made recordings forBrunswick, with pianist Mary Lou Williams. The pianist, wife of Kirks saxophonist John Williams, made an impression and was made an official member of the band from 1931 until 1942, where they would play. Its input, compositions and arrangements, was very important for the Orchestra and contributed to its success.

Twelve Clouds of Joy was after the band of Bennie Slices the second group from Kansas who got national fame. The Orchestra toured regularly to the west and East Coast and had in 1936 a first big hit with Until the Real Thing Comes Along, with vocals by Pha Terrell. This was followed by several other hits. So took out I Won't Tell You (I Love You) in 1938 the first place and in 1940 came Now I Lay Me Down to Dream visit number 19. In 1942, Kirk and his group Take It and Git , which in October was the first number one in the new Harlem Hit Parade. In 1943 the band took fourth place with the plate Hey Lawdy Mama, sung by June Richmond.

At Twelve Clouds of Joy for a short or longer period played well-known jazz musicians, including the saxophonists Ben WebsterDon ByasDick WilsonBuddy Tate and Charlie Parker, and the trumpeters Fats Navarro and Harold Shorty Baker.

In 1948 He then made the orchestra op. doekte Kirk still music: he had a band in the early 1950s and occasionally in the 1970s, he led a group. Eventually he sought his fortune outside the music: he worked in the hotel management and was active in the real estate sector.

Discography (selection)[Edit]Edit

  • Andy Kirk 1929-1931Classics
  • Andy Kirk 1936-1937, Classics
  • Andy Kirk 1937-1938, Classics
  • Andy Kirk 1938, Classics
  • Andy Kirk 1939-1940, Classics
  • Andy Kirk 1940-1942, Classics
  • The Twelve Clouds of Joy with Mary Lou Williams (compilation), Living Era
  • Clouds from the Southwest, RCA, 1956
  • A Mellow Bit of Rhythm, RCA, 1957
  • New Orleans Jump, Sounds of Yester Year

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