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Founded: b. 1953

Headquarters: Swindon, UK

Website Link(s): [ ApeHous




  • [[XT
  • [[Flying Lizard
  • [[DEV
  • [[Talking Head
  • [[The Beach Boy
  • [[Louis Philipp
  • Martin Newell

Member ofEdit

  • [[XT
  • [[The Dukes Of Stratosphea

Band BiographyEdit

The lead singer and one of the songwriters for [[XT, in the past couple years, he's started his own record label, [[Ape Hous, which releases music by bands that he's discovered (like The Milk And Honey Band). At one point, a collaboration between him and [[Robert Schniede of [[The Apples in stere was set to come out on this label, but it fell through. Recently, he has been releasing CDs of his demos from [[XT. He's also worked as a producer; he's worked with [[Thomas Dolb on the [[Leipzig:Thomas Dolby|Leipzi single.





  • [[I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls (Single):Andy Partridge|I Wonder Why The Wonderfall
  • [[Bags Of Fun With Buster (Single):Johnny Japes And His Jesticles|Bags Of Fun With Buste (with [[Dave Gregor, [[Neville Farme and [[John Otwa as [[Johnny Japes And His Jesticle

Appears OnEdit



Mix CDsEdit

[[Category: Artis

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