Angel/ Into Your World
{{{Type}}} by Exo
Album Mama
Released Template:Start date
Recorded 2011 at SM Studios in Seoul, South Korea
Genre R&B, experimental rock
Length 3:01
Label S.M. Entertainment
Producer Lee Soo-man

"Angel (Into Your World)" is a song by South Korean-Chinese boy bands Exo-K and Exo-M, from their debut record MAMA. The track was issued to South Korean and Mandarin radio stations to bring awareness to Exo's debut.[Citation needed]

Release and promotionEdit

"Angel" was composed by Hyuk Shin,[1] DK, Jarah Gibson and Sasha Hamilton and arranged by Hyuk Shin and Sasha Hamilton.[2] J. Lewis provided vocals on the demo version that was sent to various record labels before South Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment obtained the rights to the song. The final version removed the original English lyrics and were replaced by Korean lyrics (composed by Yoon-Gyeong Jo) and Mandarin lyrics (composed by Michie and Liu Yuan). The song was released by both sub-groups of Exo (Exo-K and Exo-M) on their EP "Mama", under the names of 너의 세상으로 (Angel) for the Korean version, and 你的世界 (Angel) for the mandarin version.[3]

Exo first did a performance of the song during Exo's pre-debut showcase on March 31, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea.[4] The song has topped the charts at number one in China.[Citation needed]

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