Angelspit is an Australian band.


[hide]*1 History


Angelspit was in 2004 by DestroyX blog (Amelia Tan) and sucked (Karl Learmont) was set up, who got to know each other online. That same year the ep Nurse Grenadecame from. This included also three own songs in addition to seven remixes of songs from other bands. In 2006 appeared the first studio album, KrankhausVena Cavawas the first singel. A music video was also made.A year later gave Angel spit a remix cd called Surgically Atoned, featuring remixes by bands such as Combichrist andThe Tenth Stage. This cd was only available via single internet shops. June 11, 2008 released their second studio album Blood Death Ivory after a year of shooting inBerlin and Sydney. This cd contained more elements from the Metal and Techno than the previous cd Krankhaus. At the appearance of the second remix cd called Angelspit a remix competition, both musically and graphically. There was an unofficial remix album that Angel spit free downloadable made. On the official remix-cd contains remixes of KMFDMAyria and other bands. This cd included four posters, which a graphical remix of Blood Death Ivory contained. This cd was alone again orderable via the internet.

Still in the same year, the third official studio album Hideous and Perfect issued. The album was released on september 9, 2009 as a second cd of Angel striker own labelBlack Pill Red Pill. Before that it was Black Kingdom Red Kingdom already on this label issued. The label was set up in order to have more creative freedom. With Hideous and Perfect also appeared the second video clip, Fuck the Revolution. The video was produced by classmates from DestroyX blog. In the wake of the video recordings also came the artwork of the band forward, which is mainly characterised by the extravagant makeup by DestroyX blog. The album was made in three different versions, one for Australia and Europe, one for America and one for Japan. The German version appeared with a poster as inlays with Artwork and text on the back. After the presentation went on tour with KMFDM by America and Angelspit Australia. On October 10, 2010 became the second remix album, called Larva Pupa Tank Coffin. In addition to the remixes on this album, there were four new tracks. Also a music video for "Sleep now". On 8 March 2011 there appeared a third remix album, called Carbon Beauty, where three new songs on it. In april, the video for the song "Toxic Girl" was released, and in July came from the clip for the song "Like it? Lick it! ". On October 11, 2011 is the album Hello my name is from. The music video for "Violence" was released on september 3, 2012.

Angel toured at the end of 2012 spit in the United States. [1]

Band Members[Edit]Edit


  • Nurse Grenade (EP/Remix) (2004)
  • Krankhaus (2006)
  • Krankhaus: Surgically Atoned (2007, limited edition Remix CD)
  • Blood Death Ivory (2008)
  • Blood Death Ivory: Remix Competition (2009, unofficial Remix CD with 15 by Angelspit chosen Remixes)
  • Black Kingdom Red Kingdom (2009, limited edition Remix CD with posters)
  • Hideous and Perfect (2009)
  • Larva Pupa Tank Coffin (Remix Album) (2010)
  • Carbon Beauty (Remix Album) (2011)
  • Hello my name is (2011)

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