Angry Planet Records (APR) is a record label located in Dallas, TX 75214, and is known for Weird West, cowpunk and gothabilly / hellbilly.

History Edit

Angry Planet Records a.k.a. Angry Planet Enterprise is a record label and was a mailorder house too specializing in "monstrously cool music and horror collectibles" ( 2003).

Founded around 1997 mainly by Lyle Steadheam et al. Angry Planet's first albums were ​Destroy Earth ​(1997;APR5000), the debut release by The Killcreeps , a mad-science mix of b-movie violence, dark humor, super heavy hardcore and spooky surf which first edition quickly sold out, and the debut 5-track EP release Boots of Hell (1999;APR5001) by the Texas hellbilly band Ghoultown , a Weird West blend of spooky gothabilly rock.

Since the last release in 2004 APR was inactive (with a single break in 2009 caused by Elvira in person), because of Ghoultown signed their contract with Zoviet Records, and Angry Planet Records was reactivated by edition of Ghoultowns upcoming new album in 2017.

Further Ghoultown (mostly a Killcreeps alter-identity) only releases included

  • ​Tales From the Dead West (2000;APR5002)
  • Give 'Em More Rope (2002;APR5003)
  • Live from Texas Audio-CD/Video-DVD 2-disc-set(2004;APR5004)
  • Mistress of the Dark Ghoultown and Elvira Limited Collector's Edition Digipak DVD/CD-Ultra-Single (Angry Planet / Mad Creator Productions 2009) 2000 hardcopies only - sold out
  • The Unforgotten: Rare & Un-Released available only in no-hardcopy-digital-format (2012;APRxxxx)
  • Ghost of the Southern Son (2017;APRxxxx)

Bands/Artists under the label Edit

  • Ghoultown, The Killcreeps, Lyle Blackburn (a.k.a. Count Lyle a.k.a. Zero a.k.a. Lyle Steadham), Ghoultown ft.Elvira

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