Artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic

Album: Poodle Hat

Appears On (Mixes): Robert DeNiro's Mole: The Best Of "Weird Al" Yankovic

Song Notes: Poodle Hat is another severely underrepresented album on here, but, well, it's hard when you only have a CD's worth of room. This is another polka and one of his best, too, and about the most damning indictment of that genre of music (aside from a few not-really-thematic inclusions like The White Stripes). Otherwise, though, it's a hilarious popping of that over-serious self-important style of lyric which tends to basically be best summed up by Charlie Brooker in his recent series Screenwipe -- "Music that says, 'No, Mum, I don't WANT to clean my room, and I want to tell the world!'" - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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