Animal Serenade is a Lou Reed live album recorded in Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theatre in 2003 after The Raven. The show features a drummer-less band (including Mike Rathke on guitar/synth, bassist Fernando Saunders, and the cello of Jane Scarpantoni). Reed delivers dramatic readings of some of his most compelling work. In addition, Antony Hegarty, of Antony and the Johnsons fame, contributes background vocals throughout and sings the lead on "Set The Twilight Reeling" and "Candy Says."

Fernando Saunders plays bass and other instruments. He did background vocals on most songs and sang lead vocals on "Tell It to Your Heart" and "Reviens Cherie", scat on "Sunday Morning".

Three songs were performed during the concert, but did not appear on the album: "Sweet Jane", "The Last Shot" and "Perfect Day" (sung in duet with Antony). "Sweet Jane" is available by digital download.

Animal Serenade was produced by Lou Reed and Fernando Saunders.


 [hide*1 Track listing

Track listing[edit]Edit

All tracks composed by Lou Reed; except where indicated

Disc one[edit]Edit

  1. "Advice" 2:07
  2. "Smalltown" (Reed, John Cale) 6:04
  3. "Tell It to Your Heart" 6:03
  4. "Men of Good Fortune" 4:27
  5. "How Do You Think It Feels" 8:09
  6. "Vanishing Act" 5:31
  7. "Ecstasy" 7:09
  8. "The Day John Kennedy Died" 4:04
  9. "Street Hassle" 6:59
  10. "The Bed" 5:15
  11. "Reviens Cherie" (Fernando Saunders) 7:12
  12. "Venus in Furs" 10:02

Disc two[edit]Edit

  1. "Dirty Blvd." 6:54
  2. "Sunday Morning" (Reed, John Cale) 5:04
  3. "All Tomorrow's Parties" 6:18
  4. "Call on Me" 2:45
  5. "The Raven" 9:33
  6. "Set the Twilight Reeling" 9:08
  7. "Candy Says" 6:04
  8. "Heroin" 9:11


  • Lou Reed: vocals, electric & acoustic guitar
  • Mike Rathke: electric & acoustic guitar, Ztar synthesizer, guitar synthesizer
  • Fernando Saunders: electric & acoustic bass, Roland drums, guitar, vocals on "Tell It to Your Heart" & "Reviens Cherie", scat on "Sunday Morning"
  • Jane Scarpantoni: cello
  • Antony Hegarty: vocals on "Call on Me", "Set the Twilight Reeling" & "Candy Says", backing vocals

Other credits[edit]Edit

  • Bill Bentley: Executive Producer
  • Biff Dawes : Recording Engineer

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