Animusic is an album.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "More Bells and Whistles"    
2. "Beyond The Walls"    
3. "Stick Figures"    
4. "Aqua Harp"    
5. "Drum Machene"    
6. "Pipe Dream"    
7. "Acoustic Curves"    
8. "Harmonic Voltage"    
9. "Seventh Alloy"    
10. "A Slight Delay"    
11. "The Harvester (How to Break a Heart)"    
12. "Starship Groove"    
14. "Pogo Sticks"    
15. "Resonant Chameber"    
16. "Catherdral Pictures"    
17. "Pipe Dream 2"    
18. "Fiber Bundles"    
19. "Gyro Drums"    
20. "Heavy Light"    
21. "Harmonic Voltage 2"    
22. "Jingle Bells"    

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