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Anonymos is a thrash metal and alternative metal band. They were formed in Milford, Michigan in mid-2006. Although they are not as known as other bands, they have been described as "energetic", "fast", "aggressive", and "progressive" by many of their listeners.


Type of MusicEdit

Guitarist David Poole describes the sound as "a fusion of thrash metal and alternative metal". Typically, Anonymos' songs have insanely fast tempos with overdriven and complex guitar riffs. They are also experimental, as things such as odd time signatures, tempo changes, and time signature changes are used. The band takes pride in the lyrical themes, which range from venting hatred to Cedar Point stories to politics. Chris passionately shouts out those lyrics, while David adds hardcore screams.


One day, during music lessons, David Poole met with guitarist Greg Stahl, who was his teacher. After they made some song ideas, they formed a band called "The Cedar Pointers". Chris Poole, Davids twin brother, was going to learn how to play bass, so he joined the band. A bit after Chris joined, the band switched their name to [[Anonymo due to pending legal issues. Casey Grebe, Chris's freind, expressed intrest as the bands drummer. The band, looking for a drummer, let him join.

Pre-Recording Self-TitledEdit

After Chris joined the band, they signed under Summit Records and started pre-recording their debut album, Self-Titled. At this time, they didnt have a drummer, so they used a drum machine instead. The band plans on releasing another album called Just Another Outtakes Album...NOT!!! along with Self-Titled.


  • [[Chris Pool - Bass, Lead Vocals, Records Anonymos's Music
  • [[David Pool - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Songwriter
  • Greg Stahl - Lead Guitar, Producer
  • [[Casey Greb - Drums


Tours & ConcertsEdit

There are no current concert and tour schedules for the artist.


  • The band's debut album, Self-Titled, is at a pre recording stage and will now soon be released. Watch out for it and grab a copy now!




Other ArtistsEdit

Similar ArtistsEdit

  • [[Slaye
  • [[Metallic


  • [[Black Dahlia Murde


  • David and Chris are twin brothers.
  • The band used a drum machine for most of their pre-recording of "Self-Titled" and "Just Another Outtakes Album... NOT!!!"
  • Greg is the manager of Summit Records
  • The band was originally called "The Cedar Pointers", but they changed their name because of pending copyright infringement charges from Cedar Point.


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