Another Night is a composition of all the members of the progressive rock band Camel. It was the first track of LP side B of Moonmadness. The song is about someone who has a morning depression and preferably has another night but not to having to start the day. It has two versions.

Single Version

By record label Decca was called for a single and the choice fell on this number. The single takes 3: 22 minute. The structure is a tight rhythmic introduction in 12/8-size, followed by the first verse and three four-time. Then an interlude for the pop music that used a strange divisions kent, again within 12/8. After this interlude follows the repetition of the beginning with the second complet. A guitar solo to the end, which leads through a fade-out becomes extinct.

The B side was formed by Lunar Sea, the live performance of longer than 9 minutes.

Why the track is chosen to single will always unclear. The times of The Cure and associates were not yet arrived and the many rhythmic shifts make it ondansbaar.

Album Version

The album version begins with a guitar intro accompanied by keys and by a crescendo in the single-intro ends. It's about to the first verse, and then directly to the second. Only then breaks the arrhythmic passage with a final guitar solo; These arrhythmic passage is repeated and expanded with multiple votes. Next comes the single-intro back with a repetition of the verse, the rhythm is overloaded with a solo on the hammond organ. The opening theme is repeated, and then a guitar solo to the fade out leads. This version lasts longer than six minutes.

It also appeared on the live album A Live Record .

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