Anti-Authority Records is a record label located in the United States.

History Edit

Early Years

Anti-Authority Records was founded in 2001 by Bryan Glick and Terry Gallardo as an imprint to release punk/rap band The Jokers E.P. The album was hand packaged and distributed at local concerts in the Central Florida area and online. In 2002 & 2003 Anti-Authority Records then released Liberty!: Disorderly Conduct E.P. & Delusional: We are Numbers not People E.P. packaged and distributed in a similar fashion. In 2004 Anti-Authority Records released the single Delusional: Gotta Do It / The Platinum Punk Sampler followed up by the labels first full length album Delusional: The Platinum Punk. From 2005 through 2008 Anti-Authority Records Inc. was established and added several more releases to their catalog including Prophet: Resurrection (2005 mixtape), Prophet: Unspoken Knowledge (2005 album), Delusional: Stop For Nobody/The Preparation Sampler (2006), Delusional: The Peparation (2006 album), Durty White Boyz: Durty Style (2006 mixtape), Durty White Boyz: Grindin' Volume 1 (2007 mixtape), Durty White Boyz: Unoriginal and Lyrically Offensive (2008 mixtape)

Alternative Music For Alternative People (2012-Present)

In 2012 Anti-Authority Records adopted the slogan "Alternative Music For Alternative People"  and underwent rapid expansion signing against the grain, counter culture alternative artist's such as Enema Squad, Project Born, Fritz The Cat, GodPawn, Stitchy C, Caffiends & Antavio T.O. Johnson.

The labels expansion has allowed them to reach a wider market  appealing to punk, funk, hardcore hip-hop, alternative hip-hop, dancehall & reggae. All releases since 2012 have been available on iTunes, Amazon, iHeart Radio, XBOX Live, The Playstation Network , Rhapsody & Spotify. All physical releases, merchandise and CD's are available at the performers live events , The Anti-Authority Records Web Store & select retailers across the globe. Recent releases include,  Durty White Boyz: Thug Pretty ft. Twiztid (2012 Digital single), Durty White Boyz: Move Yo Body (2012 Digital Single), Stitchy C: Dizzlexic Dialogue (2013 Album), Durty White Boyz: Thug Pretty E.P. (2013), Durty White Boyz: Firecrackaz (2013 Album), Enema Squad: Better Give It Up (2013 Digital Single), Delusional: Root Of All Evil (2013 Digital Single), Antavio T.O. Johnson: TILT (2013 Digital Single), Project Born: The Very Best Of Project Born (2013 Album), Delusional: Beautiful Day (2013 Digital Single), Frank Nitty: F1N1 (2013 Mixtape), Enema Squad: Intergalaxative (2014 Album) & Caffiends: self titled (2014 Album)

Artist Roster Edit

Delusional   Official Facebook Official Website

Enema Squad Official Facebook

Project Born Official Facebook

Durty White Boyz (dWb) Official Facebook

Caffiends Official Facebook

Antavio T.O. Johnson Official Facebook Official Website

Godpawn Official Facebook

Stitchy C Official Facebook

Fritz The Cat Official Facebook Official Website

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