Artist: They Might Be Giants

Date Released: 1992

Label: Elektra

Produced By: They Might Be Giants


1. Dig My Grave
2. I Palindrome I
3. She's Actual Size
4. My Evil Twin
5. Mammal
6. The Statue Got Me High
7. Spider
8. The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
9. Dinner Bell
10. Narrow Your Eyes
11. Hall Of Heads
12. Which Describes How You're Feeling
13. See The Constellation
14. If I Wasn't Shy
15. Turn Around
16. Hypnotist Of Ladies
17. Fingertips
38. Space Suit


The first time I heard this album, I didn't like it much. I only went back to it because I wanted to hear songs like "The Statue Got Me High" or "Narrow Your Eyes" again. I suppose it didn't help that I only had a cassette of this album. Luckily, about the second or third listen through, the album clicked with me and I ended up loving it. It's a bit uneven, though, and like Flood, They Might Be Giants' production work isn't the best (though not quite as bad as the mixed-waaaaay-too-high drums on Flood which almost ruin that album for me), but they're learning (by Mink Car or The Spine, though, they figured out how to do production well, so that's good). Still, though, it's worth it—though I recommend that you not be like me and actually get the CD version of this album (not that that's really an issue anymore....); it's designed to be played on shuffle. If you notice up there, how the tracklisting goes "17, 38"? Yeah, that's not an error -- "Fingertips" (titled as to be a reference to The Residents Commercial Album) is 20 tracks long, each about 5 seconds to a minute long; a parody of K-Tel record compilations. This is one of the only albums I'll listen to on shuffle, as it's the way it's intended to be heard. Check it out. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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