Apply Some Pressure
by Maximo Park
Released February 22, 2005
Label WARP


  1. Apply Some Pressure
  2. The Coast is Always Changing
  3. Fear of Falling
  4. I Want You to Leave


Maximo Park is catchier than alcoholism, though maybe not as safe It could lead to unadvised dancing and obtrusive sexual encounters…Wait. Which am I talking about now? From a British town called Newcastle Upon Tyne, the quintet embody the sexy Sixties with their carefree songs about… well, I haven’t really listened to the words as I haven’t been able to stop dancing. They create a potent blend of garage and pop rock that is incessently catchy. If that is not enough, they are on WARP records. Yes, that WARP records, who have been heavily diversifying their roster as of late. Though it has only 4 songs, this is a very strong release. Hopefully it is just a preview, and not the only good songs the band has. And beware… this could cause ankle injuries and unwanted pregnancies. Michael Ardaiolo