Full Name: Elinor Blake

Born: April 20, 1965

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Website Link(s): [ Official Sit


  • Vocals




Member ofEdit

  • [[The Pussywillow
  • [[The Shitbird

Has Notably Worked withEdit

  • [[The Maker
  • [[Los Cinco
  • [[Bertrand Burgala
  • [[The Dust Brother
  • Petra Haden

Musician BiographyEdit

April March was first known by her real name, Elinor Blake, as an animator, who worked on Pee-Wee's Playhouse and Ren & Stimpy, then as a brilliant composer and performer of pseudo-french pop. She's also recorded some rock stuff with her first two bands and with other bands like [[The Maker. She's been quiet musically for a while, but hopefully something new will be coming.



  • Gainsbourgsion!
  • Paris In April
  • [[Superbanyair:April March|Superbanyai
  • Lessons Of April March
  • [[April March And Los Cincos:April March & Los Cincos|April March And Los Cinco (with [[Los Cinco)
  • [[Chrominance Decoder:April March|Chrominance Decode
  • [[Triggers:April March|Trigger


  • [[April March Sings Along With The Makers:April March & The Makers|April March Sings Along With The Maker
  • [[Chick Habit (EP):April March|Chick Habi
  • [[April March And Los Cintos Featuring The Choir:April March & Los Cincos|April March and Los Cintos Featuring The Choi (with [[Los Cinco)
  • Dans Les Yeux D'April March


Appears OnEdit


  • [[Alright, This Time Just The Girls:Sympathy For The Record Industry|Alright, This Time Just The Girl


Mix CDsEdit

Radio ShowsEdit

Further readingEdit

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