Aqualung Live is a live album by the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, recorded on 23 november 2004 and released in 2005. The album cover stated further that this is a Special collectors ' Edition in support to various charities for the homeless is.

In 2004, the band was asked whether they want to do to the radio program Then ... Again ... Live! by an American radio station XM Radio. In this program, such as the intro tune the program says: "most important albums ever recorded; timeless albums"with"total creative freedom"re-recorded by the original artists:"thunderous reconstructions of musical milestones". One of these milestones is Aqualung. At first the band not so interested because they would rather make new music than old repeat, but on the other hand they saw the charm there is also called from to because some songs are never played live. At the end of their tour of the USA they played this entire album live 23 november 2004 for a limited audience of about 40 people, in order to be later broadcast on XM Radio. Also gave Ian Anderson and Martin Barre an interview, that was processed in the broadcast.

The decision to release this album on cd followed the wave of enthusiastic responses to the broadcast. However, the band found it hypocritical to make money on such a project, saw an opportunity to do something for the real Aqualungs (the fictional person Aqualung of the album is a tramp in London) and decided to donate all earnings to various charities for the homeless. To promote the album was there by America and England a Aqualung-tour done.


  1. Aqualung
  2. Cross-eyed Mary
  3. Cheap Day Return
  4. Mother Goose
  5. Wond'ring Aloud
  6. Up To Me
  7. My God
  8. Hymn 43
  9. Slipstream
  10. Locomotive Breath
  11. Wind-up

Patter, Banter and Bunkum:

  1. Riffs-Another Monkey
  2. Recording The Original
  3. Choosing My Words With Care
  4. Hummmmmm 43
  5. A Different Kettle Of Very Different Fish
  6. But Is It Any Good?

Line up[Edit]Edit

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