Everyone probably knows about already as that cool place where you can get a bunch of public domain films or as the host of the Internet Wayback Machine. Both of those are wicked awesome, but neither one really applies much to us here at Your Subculture Soundtrack. So why is this here? One word: Concerts. Another word: Recordings. And some more: Of shows by taper-friendly bands like The Mountain Goats and The Ditty Bops to name two. Sure, there's a bunch of shitty shows by shitty bands no one's ever heard of. And there's a lot of shitty shows by shitty bands everyone's heard of. But there's also a bunch of really awesome gems here, too. They upload both in FLAC and Mp3 format (depending on the taper and the show), so there's pretty much loads of stuff to check out and get. So you should do so! Now! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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