Louis Armand Aristide Bruand (Courtenay6 may 1851 – ParisFebruary 11, 1925) was a French chansonnier and writer.

Initially, he performed at the cabaret Le Chat Noir from the property of Rodolphe Salis, which he took over in 1885 and renamed itself in ' Le Mirliton ". He was a socialist at heart and that came in his chansons clearly reflected. His language was that of the argot of Montmartre.

One remembers him today, especially since he is the subject of a painting by Toulouse-Lautrec that for decades has been a popular room poster (image).In this clothing, big Hat, red scarf and boots, he entered always on.


  • Dans la rue (3 series: 1889, 1895, 1904)
  • Sur la route (1899)
  • L'argot au XXe siècle (essay from 1901)
  • Les amours de la pouliche (novel 1911)
  • La princesse du trottoir (from 1925, novel)

Chansons (selection)[Edit]Edit

  • Nini Peau d'Chien
  • A la Bastille
  • A la Villette
  • Meunier tu es cocu
  • A Batignolles
  • Serrez Vos Rangs
  • A la Roquette
  • La chanson des Michetons
  • A Poissy
  • A la Place Maubert
  • Les petits joyeux
  • Belleville-Menilmontant
  • La Greviste
  • Le Chat noir

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