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Aroc (Born Aaron T. Shepherd September 15, 1978 in Greensboro, North Carolina is an American rapper and singer of the band Weekend Excursion).[2] His song Better Man[3] (1998), his voice on Finally Found You,[4] and Moving On[5] were featured on Dawson's Creek (1999) and MTV's The Real World (2000). He currently performs alongside of his old band buddies including Samuel Fisher Jr.[6] of his label Lucas Gambit Records for the annual[7] Jimmy V Foundation concert benefiting cancer research work permitting.[8]

Career Edit

Aroc graduated from Oak Ridge Military Academy in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. Long time friends with the majority of the band, Aroc instinctively joined while a junior in 1995. He, along with the band Weekend Excursion,[9] recorded their first musical work Stronger a Demo Tape in 1995 displaying their talents. After leaving a full scholarship to West Point, they worked with some members of the famous Atlantic Records recording artists, Collapsis and Athenaeum who recommended producer/engineer John Plymale of the Sex Police[10] at Overdub Lane for their three subsequent albums.[11]

He has shared the stage with the likes of Cowboy Mouth, Edwin McCain, Gran Torino, and the Excentrics. When Aroc left the group to pursue his calling to Islam and pursue his educational goals, he was replaced by Sam Fisher, Jr.[12] and Bombs over Baghdad.[13] He has since changed his name to Yusif Sunnah.

Aroc is still involved in Music. He continues to sing and has his own studio where he works on his singing abilities as well as his other musical talents with original sounds for the masses.[14] A portion of Twelve from Six proceeds go to cancer reserch and the Jimmy V Foundation.[15]

Band members Edit

Members of the band he has recorded his albums with are Jeff Foxworth (guitar,), Chris Groch (rhythm guitar and vocals), Mike Ferry (electric fiddle), Daniel Donovan (bass guitar) and Cas Edmunds (drums and percussion).

Discography Edit


Release date Title Single
1995 Stronger Eruption
1997 Blue, The Passport[16] Getting By[17]
1998 Five From Six[18] Moving On[19]
1999 Radioactive[20] Better Man[21]
2011 12 From 6[22] The Longer Now[23]

References Edit

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External links Edit

1. Aroc Official Facebook
2. Aroc Official Twitter
3. Aroc Official Weekend Excursion Facebook

Similar singers/influences Edit

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