Art Neville (New OrleansLouisiana17 december 1937) is an American soul-, funk-and gospel singer and keyboard player. Neville is the oldest brother of the group The Neville Brothers. He is also known for the bands The Hawketts and The Meters.


[hide]*1 Biography


Neville started his career as a keyboard player and singer (as a replacement for Li'l Millet) in 1955 at The Hawketts and made with this band the only single which was a worldwide hit, Mardi Grass Mambo, even though this was a cover from the country scene. In the following years, he took some solo singles, of which the famous Lights Outappeared in 1958. Around 1965, he was a founding member of the band The Meters. Neville was also the manager and keyboard player in 1966 by his brother Aaron Neville, who obtained a big hit with the single Tell Me Like It Is.

After Aaron Neville had moved to Florida, founded a new band with the name Art Neville and the Neville Sounds. He invited his other brother, Cyril, from playing with it, and a short time later, Aaron joined the band also came. This is actually the history of The Neville Brothers, who later, in 1977, would be established. Neville promised his mother on her deathbed to "the boys" together. Through their uncle, George Landry, they began with the world famous band, which initially only from the brothers Art, Aaron, Charles and Cyril existed, but where later also Aarons son Ivan is attached.

session musician by among others Labelle (on "Lady Marmalade"), Paul McCartneyLee DorseyDr. John and Professor Longhair.

In the 1990s, there were rumors that Neville had pneumonia and was seriously ill, but this is never confirmed. Nowadays travels Neville around with The Funky Meters, a band consisting of almost all former members of The Meters plus his son Ian, who plays guitar .

Neville plays a Hammond B3.


The MetersEdit

  • The Meters (1969)
  • Struttin' (1970)
  • Look-Ka Py Py (1970)
  • Cabbage Alley (1970)
  • Rejuvenation (1974)
  • Tilaw On The Bayou (1975)
  • The Best of The Meters (1975)
  • Trick Bag (1976)
  • New Directions (1977)
  • Here Come The Metermen (1986)
  • Good Old Funky Music (1990)
  • The Meters Jam (1992)
  • The Original Funk masters (1992)
  • Look-Ka Py Py (1992)
  • Uptown Rulers: The Meters Live On The Queen (1992)
  • Fundamentally Funky (1994)
  • The Meters Anthology-Funkify Your Life (1995)
  • The Very Best of the Meters (1997)
  • Cresent City Groove Merchants (1999)
  • Legendary Meters vol. 1 (1999)
  • Legendary Meters vol. 2 (1999)
  • Kick back (2001)
  • The Meters Anthology: The Josie Years (2001)
  • Let's Party With the Meters (2001)
  • The Essentials: the Meters (2002)
  • Too Funky Meters Tilaw at the Fillmore, vol. 1 (2003)
  • Zagha Mash (2003)
  • At Rozy's (2009)

The Neville BrothersEdit

  • Wild Tchoupitoulas (1976)
  • The Neville Brothers (1977)
  • Tilaw on the Bayou (1981)
  • Nevillization (1984)
  • Treacherous vol. 01 (1986)
  • Uptown (1987)
  • Yellow Moon (1989)
  • Brother's Keeper (1990)
  • Treacherous Too vol. 02 (1992)
  • Family Groove (1992)
  • Live on Planet Earth (1994)
  • Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin/All My Revelations (1996)
  • The Very Best of The Neville Brothers (1997), compilation
  • Valence Street (1999)
  • Uptown Rulin' (1999)
  • Walkin' In The Shadows Of Life (2004)

Other workEdit

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