Artefact was a black metal band from Nice, France. According to the band itself, its name is taken from the medieval fantasy universe, and evokes a magical item.

Its music, delving largely into influences such as Emperor, Arcturus, Bathory, Opeth, Burzum, Dimmu Borgir, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Satyricon,[1] is a mixture between different genres: folk or medieval tunes, ethereal moods, powerful and massive heavy metal composition, as well as a touch of progressive music in its arrangements. However different, all these elements succeed in blending together in carefully constructed, narrative and unity-seeking musical pieces.


Genesis of the project (2000–2003)Edit

Artefact was created in year 2000, by guitarist Guillaume V. aka Aldebaran, and Pascal aka Alucard. Together, they composed and recorded a demo, Same, and determined the musical orientation of their project. Meeting with Ranko(drums), Alexis (bass), from Oktopod, and Camille (guitar) in 2002 allowed the group to prepare for a first album. By then Alucard was willing to leave, not having enough time. A line-up of four was thus established. In 2003, Artefact recorded its first album, Son of Solstice, in Sikh singer Kallaghan’s studio, with singer Sly from Shimmer of Chaos. An opus quite favourably received at the time.[2][3] Then the band invited a new singer, Sebastien aka Runenlyd, who also currently sings and plays as a guitarist in Deviance.

Wacken Battle and Magic Spellcraft (2004–2006)Edit

During August 2004, Artefact was representative of France, and more particularly of south east France and County of Nizza (Nice), in the Wacken Battle,[4] which contest occurs during the heavy metal Festival Wacken Open Air. The band earned a third prize,[5] which helped them compose and record a second opus, Magic Spellcraft, which included new epics and strong aggressive pieces. Magic Spellcraft was produced by Rupture Music, and was released on April 18, 2006. The new opus was well received and garnered positive reviews, for instance in "Metallian", and "".[6] Two new members then joined the band: Fred (aka Sephiroth) on keyboards in 2006, as well as Jeremy (aka Olwe Telrunya) on guitar in 2007.

Following the departure of Aldebaran (2008-2010)Edit

In December 2008, the band announces publicly the departure of their founding member and main composer Aldebaran,[7] who creates a new black metal band, Darkenhöld. From now on, composing is shared by all members of the band, with an emphasis for Olwe Telrunya and Sephiroth concerning arrangements.

During the following months, Artefact recorded four songs, intended to be released as a maxi. One of these songs, Failure, was distributed online on their website. Artefact disbanded in 2010.[8]



  • Same (self-released, 2000)
  • Son of Solstice (self-released, 2002)

Studio albumsEdit

Compilation albumEdit

  • Black Storm (Mordrek, 2007)
  • Old Crown, New Spawn (Aspherical Asphyxia, 2009)[9]


  • "Failure" (self-released, 2009)

Cover songsEdit

Band membersEdit

  • Runenlyd – vocals
  • Ranko – drums
  • Alexis – bass
  • Sephiroth – keyboards
  • Olwe Telrunya – guitar
  • Aldebaran – guitar
  • Alucard – guitar
  • Camille – guitar
  • Julien – vocals
  • Pierre – bass guitar

Session membersEdit

  • Sly – vocals (studio sessions)
  • Franck – keyboards (studio sessions)


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