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Artificial Joy[1] was a solo project, and later full band, formed by rock bassist Robt Ptak. Initially Artificial Joy started as Ptak's solo project for songs he created and recorded during and before his time in the power pop band Size 14. Size 14 drummer Dave Armstrong would feature on some the tracks recorded for Artificial Joy. Armstrong was later asked by Ptak to join Size 14. After Ptak left Size 14 and moved to New York in 1998, Artificial Joy became a full live band.

In 1998 Artificial Joy (now referred to as Artificial Joy NYC) consisted of Ptak on lead guitar and lead vocals, Milena Mepris on guitar, Mark Cevellos on Bass and Alex Elena/John Lamkin on drums. The band played shows in New York and sold a 7 track CD EP.[2]

When Artificial Joy split in 2001, Ptak went on to form another New York based rock band in The Bastard Kings of Rock. Elena and Cevellos went on to form Kinion,[3][4] while Mepris went on to form Pin Me Down with Russell Lissack of Bloc Party

Guest musicians on recordings included Schatzi vocalist/guitarist Christian Kyle. Tracks recorded during this time were through a development deal with Universal Records.


Self Produced 7 Track CD EP Sold at ShowsEdit

  1. Pain In My Head
  2. Evil Twin
  3. The Way
  4. Over
  5. Grapes Of Wrath
  6. Leaving
  7. Outside

Tracks recordedEdit

  • Sorry
  • The Guest w/ Christian Kyle of Schatzi
  • Consequences Of Lies
  • Volunteer
  • First Rain
  • Breakout
  • Letting it Go
  • Go Down
  • Just so You Know
  • Empire
  • Ashamed


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