Artifix Records is a record label located in the United States.

History Edit

Artifix Records is a punk rock label from Southern California. Artifix was started as reissue/vintage punk label. All of their releases are from 1976 through 1983 with few exceptions. Johnny Stingray of the Controllers dubbed them "The Archaeologists of Punk" which is a title that the label still uses to this day. Artifix Records was started in 2002 and is still releasing vintage punk today.

During late 2006 and early 2007, Artifix Records was contacted to participate in the filming of What We Do Is Secret, the Germ's biopic. Artifix Records supplied unpaid extras, crowd audio, and acted some days as punk fashion experts to help get period clothing down correctly on film. Although Artifix Records is uncredited in the film, they are listed in the extra-long "thanks" section of the credits. In May 2008 through August 2008, Artifix Records supplied original records and other materials for the Vexing (East L.A. punk rock) art show at the Claremont Art Museum. In 2009, Artifix Records sent the same materials to Guadalajara, Mexico when the Vexing art show goes on display there.

Bands/Artists under the label Edit

SPR016 THE ABSENTEES "Illegal Listening Device" (1979-2000 material) CD
SPR017 WHITE FLAG "R is for Rocket, U is for Unreleased" (1982 material) CD
SPR018 BAGS "Disco's Dead" 3 song (1978-1979 material) 7" EP
SPR019 KAOS "Komplete Kaos" (1980 material) CD
SPR020 CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE "Underground Babylon" (1979-1980 material) CD
SPR021 BAGS "Survive" Dangerhouse reissue 2 song (1978 material) 7"
SPR022 THEE UNDERTAKERS "L.A. Muerte" 4 song (1980 & 1982 material) 7"
SPR023 BENEDICT ARNOLD AND THE TRAITORS "Kill the Hostages" reissue 2 song (1980 material) 7"
SPR024 CONTROLLERS "Another Sunny Day" (1977-2003 demos and live) CD
SPR025 BAGS "All Bagged Up" (1977-1980 material) LP
SPR026 CIRCLE ONE "Never Give Up" 19 song LP
SPR027 RHINO 39 / BLACK RANDY AND THE METROSQUAD 2 song (1979 & 1978 material) split 7"
SPR028 SOCIAL TASK s/t 5 song (1979 & 2007 material) 7"

SPR029 REACTORS s/t 5 song (reissue of 1979 EP) 7"

SPR030 EYES "TAQN" 6 song (reissue of 1979 single, comp. tracks, plus two previously unreleased songs) 10"

SPR031 JACKIE SHARK AND THE BEACH BUTCHERS s/t 2 song (reissue of 1978 single) 7"

SPR032 DEADBEATS s/t 5 song (reissue of 1979 EP) 10"

SPR033 ALICE BAG "Violence Girl" 6 song 7"

SPR034 OUTSIDERS s/t 7 song (1979 studio demo) 10" ***coming soon*** (Huntington Beach's 1st punk band)

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Alice Bag
Catholic Discipline
What We Do Is Secret (film)
Vexing (art show)

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