Headquarters: Mississauga, Canada


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Arts & Crafts, humbly nestled in Mississauga, Canada, is one of those labels that is cherished by its devoted fans but overlooked by the easily distracted eyes. They have had a very successful release history as far as independent labels go. Broken Social Scene is a highly respected band... well it's actually more of a collective... that has become somewhat of a cornerstone for the label. Mostly, because the members make up or are part of 70% of the label's roster. They have recently had a lot of success with the indie-electro-pop of Stars (and their amazing debut album, Set Yourself on Fire, which features members of Broken Social Scene) and the folksy, jazzy... well, musical spectrum of Feist (who, of course also is a member of the Broken Social Scene). If you are at all into indie-rock, especially the folksy, emotion-stirring brand, you should probably go out and just pick the Arts & Crafts catalogue. It would make an excellent soundtrack to a life-defining fall season full of ups and downs, falling in love, losing friends, revelations, epiphanies and silently watching the leaves change from a dull green to resounding reds and yellows.

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