Artist: Marianne Faithfull

Album: Strange Weather

Appears On (Mixes): Mp3s Posted At Phancy.Com

Song Notes: About a week ago, one of my close friends was absolutely floored that I had never heard the album Strange Weather by Marianne Faithfull. He said it was an absolute masterpiece and a great example of how an album of songs written by other people can reveal the artist performing them so utterly, completely and starkly. And, well, Nick was right, as always. This might be my favorite cut from it, which is a re-do of her original hit song, "As Tears Go By", originally done by the Rolling Stones. It's just amazing, really. Sadly, this album is out of print, but after only a week of looking, I found a couple used copies, so it's not too hard to find (particularly on the Internet, I bet you'd rustle up a copy in a few minutes). But I really recommend this one. Like I said, Nick knows what he's talkin' about. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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