Headquarters: New York, NY

Founded: ?

Founded by: men in suits

Link: Official Site


Active RosterEdit

Inactive RosterEdit

Key ReleasesEdit

Too many to list.


New York's Astralwerks, while releasing albums by some quality artists, is somewhat of a major label ploy. As you probably know, they are marketed as an independent label, though in reality they are owned by Virgin/EMI, which makes it... well, dependent. Basically, it's an outlet for the bigwigs to release more diverse albums by maybe not the most marketable artists to consumers with tastes that wouldn't attract them to Virgin/EMI. So, does being the illegitmate bastard child of the majors discredit Astralwerks... well that is up to your own personal tastes, but first take a look at their associations. They have a "collaborative release" deal with the DFA and Honest Jons, two very respectable labels that are piggybacking the semi-major label to reach a wider audience (which, i guess, makes them quarter-major or something). So remember, Astralwerks may not have the most indie-cred.. or really any at all, but the music business is simply that, business. They also own Caroline Records.

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