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Founded: 1993

Disbanded: 2001

Headquarters: El Paso, TX

Website Link(s): Inworld




Band MembersEdit

Includes Members ofEdit

  • [[The Mars Volt
  • [[Spart

Band BiographyEdit

At The Drive In were a indie-rock band that was reaching a good amount of popularity when they broke up in 2001. The split (termed an "indefinite hiatus") was over conflicts about a possible change of direction for the band to a more [[psychedeli and experimental sound. Out of the ashes, [[The Mars Volt was formed, who have put out a couple records, and contains almost all of the original band.




  • [[Hell Paso:At The Drive-In|Hell Pas
  • Alfaro Vive, Carajo!
  • [[El Gran Orgo:At The Drive-In|El Gran Org
  • [[Vaya:At The Drive-In|Vay


  • "[[Rolodex Propaganda (single):At The Drive-In|Rolodex Propagand"
  • "[[One-Armed Scissor (single):At The Drive-In|One-Armed Scisso"
  • "Invalid Litter Dept."
  • [[Split:At The Drive-In & Sunshine|Spli with [[Sunshin
  • [[Split:At The Drive-In & Aasee Lake|Spli with [[Aasee Lak
  • [[Split:At The Drive-In & Burning Airlines|Spli with [[Burning Airline
  • [[Split:At The Drive-In & Murder City Devils|Spli with [[Murder City Devil

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Mix CDsEdit

Further readingEdit

  • [[Wikipedia:At The Drive-In|Wikipedia Pag[[Category: Artis

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