, Avenged Sevenfold, also known as A7X, is an American band from California that formed in 1999. This band's music is a mix of rock and metal.

There are 5 members in this group, M. Shadows (vocalist), Synyster Gates (lead guitarist), Zacky Vengeance (rhythm guitarist), and Johnny Christ (bassist). The "Rev" was their former drummer, but died in 2009.

They have made 7 albums since 1999 including, Sounding The Seventh Trumpet (in 2001), Waking The Fallen (in 2003), City Of Evil (in 2005), their self-titled album Avenged Sevenfold (in 2007), Nightmare (in 2010),Hail to the King (in 2014) and "the stage" (in 2017)


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