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Studio albums                                       1
EPs                                                          3
Collaborative albums                          1
Singles                                                   10
Music videos 16

The discography of b-Rabbit, an American hip-hop artist, consistsof ten singles, three extended plays, sixteen music videos, a studio album, and one collaborative album. His music has been released exclusively on indie label BranFlakes Records.

Studio AlbumsEdit

Title Album details
Trials & Tribulations
  • Released: December 7, 2013
  • Label: BranFlakes Records
  • Format: Digital download

Extended PlaysEdit

Title Album details
b-Rabbit Presents: The Perfect 2
  • Released: September 25, 2011
  • Re-released: November 1, 2011
  • Label: BranFlakes Records
  • Format: Digital download
The b-Rabbit EP
  • Released April 4, 2012
  • Label: BranFlakes Records
  • Format: Digital download
Music Lab
  • Released: June 9, 2012
  • Label: BranFlakes Records
  • Format: Digital download

Collaborative AlbumsEdit

Title Album details
An Acoustic Christmas 

(With Sandra Bae)

  • Released: December 21, 2012
  • Label: BranFlakes Records
  • Format: Digital download

Unreleased AlbumsEdit

Planned Release Title
December 2012 Christmas with b-Rabbit
Early 2013 b-Rabbit Presents: The Odds & Ends Mixtape


Year Title Album
2011 "Broken Hearts" non-album single
2012 "Things Are Beautiful" The b-Rabbit EP
"(Stay Awake) Tonight"
"Writer's Block" non-album single
"Coming Home (Sonics Are Back)"
2013 "Broken Hearts (Album Version)(featuring Jinyeon) Trials & Tribulations
"Story of a Lonely Guy"
"Victoria (Dear. Daddy)"
"Love / Hate"

Promo singlesEdit

Year Title Album
2011 "TV (Rough Mix)" The b-Rabbit EP
"Made to Love (Rough Mix)"
2012 "Broken Hearts (R&B Remix)" non-album single
"Go Away (English Version"(2NE1 cover)
"Your Problem"
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (with Sandra Bae) An Acoustic Christmas
2013 "Memories of Yesterday" Trials & Tribulations
"Trials & Tribulations (Intro)"
"Nightly Encounter" non-album single
2015 "Live Life"(featuring Elaine Sharp & Joey Claris)

Music VideosEdit

Year Music video Length Album Official MV on YouTube
2011 "Broken Hearts" 3:38 non-album video bRabbitOFFICIAL
2012 "Intro" 1:39 The b-Rabbit EP bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Things Are Beautiful" 4:31 bRabbitOFFICIAL
"(Stay Awake) Tonight" 4:12 bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Monster" 2:58 bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Made to Love (Remix)" 3:14 bRabbitOFFICIAL
"TV (Freestyle)" 1:35 bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Writer's Block" 6:51 non-album video bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Ghetto Silence" 4:01 Music Lab bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Mechanical Miracles" 3:38 bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (with Sandra Bae) 2:02 An Acoustic Christmas bRabbitOFFICIAL
2013 "Broken Hearts (Album Version)" (featuring Jinyeon) 3:42 Trials & Tribulations bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Story of a Lonely Guy" 5:40 bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Victoria (Dear. Daddy)" 4:05 bRabbitOFFICIAL
"Love / Hate" 4:40 bRabbitOFFICIAL


Television and internet programsEdit

Year Title Channel Episodes Status Notes
2012 b-Rabbit TV YouTube 2 Cancelled Behind-the-scenes and Vlog

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