b-Rabbit Presents: The Perfect 2
B-Rabbit Perfect 2
EP by b-Rabbit
Released September 25, 2011
Recorded September 2011
Genre Hip-hop, pop
Length 5:17
Language English
Label BranFlakes
Producer J. R. Rotem, Sammy Boi & Gage Long
b-Rabbit chronology
b-Rabbit Presents: The Perfect 2 (2011) The b-Rabbit EP (2012)

b-Rabbit Presents: The Perfect 2 (also known simply as The Perfect 2) is the debut extended play by American hip-hop artist b-Rabbit and was released free of charge on September 25th, 2011. The EP is dedicated to b-Rabbit's girlfriend and was written simply as a way to showcase his rapping skills before his "official" debut with The b-Rabbit EP. It is the first installment of the b-Rabbit Presents... album series.


The EP was announced just a few short weeks before it's release. b-Rabbit said the record was born after listening to the song "Perfect Two" by Auburn. The song was extremely popular at the time the EP was released and Rabbit assumed a remix to the song could help him land a few fans prior to his official debut in 2012.

Cover Art and TitleEdit

The cover art was designed by b-Rabbit himself and was used for its simplicity. The white background was chosen to represent how his relationship with his girlfriend Angelica was pure while the hand heart was chosen to represnt both Angelica and Rabbit joining together in a relationship.

The EP's title was originally supposed to simply be The Perfect Two but was changed to b-Rabbit Presents: The Perfect 2 just prior to the release date.

Track ListEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Perfect 2 (Freestyle)" (b-Rabbit solo) Brandon Waugh Sammy Boi & Gage Long 1:30
"Perfect Two (Remix)" (Auburn feat. b-Rabbit)
Auburn Williams, Waugh J.R. Rotem 3:47
Total length: 5:17

Sample creditsEdit

"Perfect 2 (Freestyle)" features a sample of "Perfect Two" by Auburn

Copyright IssueEdit

When b-Rabbit Presents: The Perfect 2 - Remastered Edition was uploaded onto Hulkshare, b-Rabbit's remix of "Perfect Two" with Auburn caused the EP to be blocked from downloading due to copyrights. The EP was re-uploaded multiple times but each time was blocked. As a result, the EP has gone out of print and both songs have been deleted from b-Rabbit's SoundCloud and YouTube accounts making it existing copies extremely rare.

The original version of the EP is still available on Mixconnect, however.


  • b-Rabbit - Vocals, lyrics
  • Auburn - Vocals, lyrics
  • Sammy Boi - Producer
  • Gage Long - Producer
  • J.R. Rotem - Producer

Release historyEdit

Region Date Label Format
United States September 25, 2011 BranFlakes Records Digital download
November 1, 2011 (Remastered edition)

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