The following is a discography of production by b-Rabbit.


b-RabbitMusic LabEdit

  • 01. "Intro / Welcome 2 the Show"
  • 02. "Let's Go!"
  • 03. "Mechanical Miracles"
  • 04. "White Elephant (We Are Wenatchee)"
  • 05. "Ghetto Silence"
  • 06. "Final Fantasy"
  • 07. "Land of the Rising Sun"
  • 08. "Outro / Don't Stop the Music"

b-Rabbit - non-album releasesEdit

  • "Gangnam Style [b-Rabbit Remix]" (PSY)


b-Rabbit - non-album releasesEdit

  • "Memories of Yesterday"
  • "JUMP" (featuring House of Pain)
  • "Otherside [b-Rabbit Remix]" (Macklemore)
  • "Scream & Shout [b-Rabbit Remix]" ( featuring Britney Spears & 2NE1)
  • "Secret Love"

BIGBANG  - Alive: The RemixesEdit

  • "Alive (Intro) [b-Rabbit Remix]"

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